Tuesday Night Tunes – Noah

No, not that Noah. Noah Gundersen is the feature tonight. Thanks to NoiseTrade again I found this one and love the message. It melds well with how my week started out. Give a listen and scroll down for the rest of the story.

We’re in a new series at 12Stone Church titled ‘Why I love church and other cool stuff’. The message last week was about being accountable to someone. Finding someone to share the journey with at a deeper level than golf or hunting buddies. Someone who has access to your life and has permission get in your business, life and relationships.

Do you have someone like that besides your spouse? I don’t. At least not yet. Pastor Kevin does and he was pretty open with it. We all need someone to keep us from falling off the ledges we have made.

The message video is not up yet but it will be soon. Go check out and play it if you missed it. It’s really good.

Here is the rest of the sampler that had this song on it.

I think you’ll like it.

One more thing tonight is a little report on a concert I got to go to. The Oyster Barn in Lilburn were hosting Greg Robert and Dominic DeSantis. I have looked and don’t see any clips to share and the one I shot with my phone didn’t do them justice but they are two very talented and funny guys. Greg played with the band Kansas in the 90’s and Dominic teaches music at the Gwinnett School of Music. If you get a chance to hear them I suggest you do.

One aside is Greg’s and Dominic’s connection to a ministry that takes kids struggling with Autism out sailing on Lake Lanier. If you want to know more about that head over to and read up on it. Just a very cool thing they are doing.

FYI, the real estate market is heating up so if I can help with anything please call me or if you know someone thinking about moving please introduce us.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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