Tuesday Night Tunes – Something Old, Something New

We were in a meeting today at the office talking about branding. We talk about lots of things in our office. Mostly about the market, helping our clients and how to get more clients. Branding is about getting more clients and we all have a brand. I’ll come back to that in a minute.

My mind travels down some interesting paths (some would call them ‘rabbit trails’) when we are in a meeting like this. The thought I got was ‘what do you do when you’re branded’?. Do you know where that comes from?

Think really old TV show.

I remember watching this as a kid and that reveals a bit about my age. I was about 11 years old and this was on (in black and white) and came in on one of the 4 TV channels (4,6,8 or 13) we got.

So much for something old.

Back to branding. A brand helps you identify ahead of time what you are going to get. One of the best pieces I have read on the subject is a blog article from Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. Not really on target from our meeting today but it gave me a new way to think about brands. We all have a brand. Agent or Broker? Residential or Commercial? Full time or part time? Work by referral or make tons of cold calls? All of those questions help to quantify my brand. I am a full time Broker who focuses on residential property who works almost 100% by referral. That is not my total brand but that is a start in how I think and talk about my business.

What is your brand? Engineer? Salesman? IT professional? Just starting out or been doing it a while? Does what you wear or say define you? No, but it does tell folks what to expect when they meet you. Check out the articles and let me know what you think.

Now on to something new.

Courtesy of NoiseTrade again this is Little Chief. Here is a video clip to help introduce them.

I love finding new music. It’s a busy season for me but I know if I will take a few minutes to reflect on my day I can find ways to be better at what I do. “You don’t learn from experience – you learn from REFLECTING from your experience”. Music gives me the focus and motivation to reflect. That is what got Tuesday Night Tunes started anyway. I have lots to do tonight and a buyer coming in from out of town that needs me to help them to keep eating and sleeping indoors but I decided to take a break for a bit and write this article.

I am glad for the business and would love a chance to help more of you sell that home that is no longer upside down or to find that perfect cabin in the woods. Whatever your goals, call me and let me know you’re ready and we’ll get started.

Now, go spend a few minutes with Little Chief and tell me what you think.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell


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