Tuesday Night Tunes – Green River Ordinance

Love these guys. Great lyrics, great sound. They have a new album out today and I wanted to share as much as I could of it. I found it on Google Music and if you subscribe to that service you can stream the whole album today.

I am right now.

Here is their teaser from the YouTube Channel.

You get a feel of a live concert as they do the songs unplugged and live. I don’t have any clips of the new album to share and it’s really too soon to find it. I have found some more on YouTube that I can share here so check that out and stay tuned for a story about giving referrals and the horror story that followed.

The horror story has a great lesson for me and I am so glad it was not one of my referrals. Not my circus and not my monkeys but it was entertaining and instructive to watch.

I am on the Agent Leadership Council in my Keller Williams office. That is a position of leadership offered to the top agents. Our operating partner (can you say ‘owner’?) of the franchises gathers the ALC members (about 200 people) from all his offices and hosts a 2 day event at Chateau Elan for training, encouragement and networking. We network together with the best agents in each office across the South East and it is something I look forward to every year. I always come away refreshed and encouraged in the middle of the year ready to get back to work. This year was no different in that regard.

Something that is planned is some entertainment after dinner. Usually it’s a speaker or some music or last year it was a really good magician. He was engaging, talented and I heard he was coming back this year. Turned out he was called away to a family thing out of town and sent someone in his place. I am not going to name names but suffice it to say it was a different experience.

He was perhaps the worst magician I have ever seen. It reminded me of my own attempt at magic when I was about 8. Fumbling, struggling to talk and even referring to something he had written down inside his ‘case of tricks’. It was painful to watch but I sat back and tried to see what I could glean from it.

After it was all over I went up to the owner and we laughed about it but then it got serious. He said “Well, he won’t be coming back…. and neither will the other guy.” That was the lesson I got. This is about trust. That is what a referral is. It is trust. Nothing more and nothing less.

I have some great folks that I give referrals to when my clients need some help. I don’t expect perfection from the folks I refer but if something goes wrong I do expect to hear about from the person I referred and not my client. If I  hear it from my client I expect folks to make it right and stand behind what they do. That is how we do business and if they don’t do that they are not ‘invited back’.

I hope I have earned your trust and if you need a referral to a good tradesman or vendor, please call me. If I have one I’ll share them with you. If not, I’ll do all I can to find you a great person to work with and stay involved to make sure the job gets done right. That is how folks get into my referral directory.

Hard to get in but easy to get out.

So, as a reward for sticking round to read this, here is one more from Green River Ordinance. Just love these guys.

Thanks for listening,

Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell

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