Millennials: How Many are Actually ‘Living with their Parents’?

My goal is to dispel the misinformation pushed out by the press as facts. Most of the time there are facts involved but usually they are skewed to match the bias of the writer. I guess I could be guilty of that too but I hope you hold me accountable if you see me doing it.

This article is a prime example of how the data can be skewed. Check it out.

Millennials: How Many are Actually ‘Living with their Parents’? | Keeping Current Matters.

Call me if you have questions. I am here to help.

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PS. when I post something I try to find a picture that matches the theme just to make it more interesting. I searched for the word “misinformation” and that was the picture it found. Please don’t be offended if you happen to like Uncle Joe 🙂

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