Tuesday Night Tunes – Sarah Miles

Stuff comes at me from all directions sometimes. I do my best to get the technology to help me filter what I want or need to read, see and listen to and today it brought me this.

If you do nothing else with the post, play the first video.




I’ll see you on the other side of this 2 minute clip.

Music has power. I have come to understand that words have power but music dwarfs the power of words. I was transported magically yesterday to the little church I attended as a child by a song. A song sung by a small congregation of folks present to celebrate a life that past. Enough to say it was a sad event but we closed with an old hymn and I could see the faces of the folks I used to go to church with in the faces around me.

Today I get that first video in my inbox and it tells me about the power of music to awaken the soul in a person that we thought was unreachable because of Alzheimers. I plan to watch that movie when it comes out.

To celebrate, I am posting something I found from Sarah Miles via NoiseTrade. The play list below can be downloaded for free if you like but I hope you’ll leave a tip. She does a great job with the music and I have enjoyed it today as I was driving around.

One more piece I found was a cover version from Sarah that she does of Avicii’s song ‘Wake Me Up’. I am not sure which I like better but this one moved me in a way that compels me to share it.

I pray you are awake and enjoying this life. Listen to the music and create memories with it so you can be awakened by it later in life. Maybe you’ll grow wings and fly.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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