With Interest Rates and Home Prices on the rise, do you know the true Cost of Waiting?

I sometimes feel like I am hammering a point and it causes me to back off a bit. I also know that the information I have is important and it may help someone who is trying to decide a big thing right now.

At the risk of ‘hammering’ I want to share some info on what interest rates do to affect the value of a the home you can afford. Most people have to live “inside their payment” and this info really shows it in a tangible way. Click here for the article on rates and home prices and check out the chart below.



If you are thinking about buying and waiting or are considering a move up in home size or value, this is a phenomenal time in history. I heard today that the rates are under 4% again. Check out the info and call me if I can help.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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