Tuesday Night Tunes – Not Forgotten

Humans are funny. If something is not right in front of our face, we forget. Politicians count on that. Marketers count on that. I may have discovered an exception to that truth. Music can help us remember and be remembered.

Johnny Cash is an icon. He simply walks out on stage and says his name. Now you may not like that music but you know you have heard it. Over and over. It’s burned into your memory and you will always know who that is when you hear it.

I found someone online last night that got his break because of Johnny Cash. Check it out. (sorry I can’t embed it here they way I usually do, they disabled that feature on YouTube). The clip below will play some sort of an ad and then give you the audition clip.

Here is another young man getting a chance because of Johnny Cash. He starts singing at about 1:47 if you want to skip the intro.

I am blown away with this kids voice. 15 years old and he really does sound like Johnny.

So, let’s get back to Jamie Lono. That opening clip was from a couple of years ago and frankly I found it by searching him name on YouTube after I heard this cut from NoiseTrade.

I liked his sound and that took me down the rabbit trail when I got on YouTube. Thought I would share it and the thought of legacy.

I have been reading Ecclesiastes and that can be a pretty depressing thing to do if you don’t get the context. Solomon says life is just a chasing after the wind and soon we are gone to the grave. Dust to dust and all that, but this shows that is not the whole story. We can have an impact even after we’re gone if we do something besides watch TV. We have to get out and work toward a goal, help other people and give more than we take. Maybe I am thinking on all this because of friends recently lost. I miss Riff and Harry. I am sure there are more that will be missed but that is not the point here. Just part of the rabbit trail I headed down. Back to the music.

This guy does not sound like Johnny Cash at all but it was that song that got him a start. He got his break on The Voice and it got him out of making sandwiches for a living. Is that luck? Thomas Jefferson is supposed to have said “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”  Sam Goldwyn also is given credit for it in relation to movie stars who make it big. Did they get lucky? Did they work hard? I will bet they did. I will bet they spent most of their life practicing, playing and singing because they loved it. Because they wanted to share what they had to say.

What do you have to say? Where do you need a little luck? Maybe we can both turn off the TV and do a little work. We might get lucky.

Here is a little more of Jamie and his band Noble Heart if you want to check it out.

Thanks for listening,

Jerry Robertson
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