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Digging sometimes results in treasure. Here is a little of what I found.

Here is the rest of the album on NoiseTrade if you want to check out more from them.

The name of video is Motives.

What motivates you?

I’m working on that question in my business and life right now. Motivation comes from having goals to be better or have more than what your situation is now. Sometimes we are inspired by others but the motives are still internal. It might come from what others see in you. We want to make them proud of us or maybe ‘show them’ we are more than what they see.

Anger can be a motivation too. “I’ll show them!!”, or fear can be a motivation to do something we don’t want to do. Maybe you’re afraid of losing your job so you get up and get into traffic everyday in the hope you’ll make it to retirement before they figure out you’re doing just enough in that soul stealing job to keep from getting fired.

Anger and fear are flames that can lead to better things if they don’t burn out before you find the better reasons to continue. I have a suggestion that might help. What you need to do is find out what you really want.

What do I really want?

Asking that question can help you get to a better motivation but it’s sometimes hard to answer. An easier question is ‘What do I not want?  I can list some things I don’t want or don’t want to do pretty quickly.

Here’s an old list of mine.

I don’t want to be broke, I don’t want to be homeless, I don’t want to be a burden to my children, I don’t’ want to make cold calls, I don’t want to sit in traffic and commute every day, I don’t want to work for ‘the man’, I don’t want to travel for the rest of my life.

Those things got me started down the path of working in real estate. I hated the travel my old job required and I was presented an opportunity to do something very different from all that.. That was 11 years ago. It was exciting and got me to make some really big changes.  Then there were some more positive motives that came up. That led to a list of some things I do want.

I want to make a difference in peoples lives, I want to help any way I can in business or beyond, I want to lead people toward good decisions in real estate, I want food with my meals. I want to eat and sleep indoors, I want to connect good people so they can help each other. I want to build a community of clients and professionals that can help each other.

I hope you get the idea and can use it in your life and business.

My list of ‘wants’ has guided me to working by referral and making that my model for business. All that means is I don’t spend most of my day making cold calls or knocking on doors hoping to find a deal.

I do my best to put my head down, work for my clients when they need me most and they send me my next client. It works and I get a lot more time to spend helping others instead of focusing on me.

So, what do you really want??

Make your actions match with the answer to that question and you are on your way to a much better time.

Thanks for listening,

Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell

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