Salemtown Board Co. – KW Culture is like ….

I just got back from Austin, TX. Keller Williams hosted MegaCamp for a few days and I went (again). This is my 3rd time and I made it a point to be there for all of it. We opened on Wednesday with the Cultural Summit. The theme this year is Do The Two.

That is an encouragement to pick two things that can make a positive impact on others. Some examples would be to help two families by repairing their homes within our communities, provide funding for coaching for two associates for a month, transform two children’s lives who are in need of educational support by investing in mentoring or tutoring and mastermind with two struggling business owner within our community to help their day to day operational effectiveness. These are things we can do to help others.

Culture is not really all that difficult to understand. It is simply a predetermined way we agree to treat each other. It is embodied in our:


Win-Win – or no deal
Integrity – do the right thing
Customers – always come first
Commitment – in all things
Communication – seek first to understand
Creativity – ideas before results
Teamwork – together everyone achieves more
Trust – starts with honesty
Success – results through people

The cool thing about Keller Williams is this is something we live. It is not a catchy slogan or something we chant first thing in the morning. This is a way of doing life. A way of doing business. It can be a way to resolve conflict. One of the speakers talked about how they use this Belief System to resolve issues that arise between team members. This can work if we all do it.

At the close of the summit we got a treat with an interview with Will Anderson of Salemtown Board Company. Check out the opener we were treated to.

There are lots of reasons to be at KW. The training in being a business owner, the encouragement when things are tough or just the fellowship of folks that believe and behave like you do. God first, family second and business third. It’s how we do life. If you want to see more about our culture, check out our belief system.

One more thing to share that I got to see was Monte Montgomery. He played with his band several times throughout the event. Big stage stuff in front of about 6000 of the best in our business. It’s fitting because he is the best as voted by several in his business. Check it out.

Thanks for listening and if you find the company you work for does not live up to a standard you can believe in, maybe we need to talk.

Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell

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2 thoughts on “Salemtown Board Co. – KW Culture is like ….

  1. Joe harker

    Good stuff Jerry. I was not able to make
    Mega Camp due to shingles. Your few comments confirm what my family reported, GREAT STUFF still happening with KW. Regards, joe harker

  2. Jerry Robertson Post author

    You’re right Joe, this is the best place to be if you see yourself as a business owner and not just an agent. Culture is awesome and the support and encouragement really can’t be matched anywhere else. Thanks for the comment and I hope you feel better soon. Jwr