I need help…

I have heard it said that a good measure of maturity is when you know to ask for help. Not sure I can be counted among the mature (I still ride motorcycles, shoot fireworks and love smores) but I am asking for help. I need an admin assistant and am actively looking for someone to work with me in my real estate business. Seems to me that my web of connections is a good place to start.

When I last looked I see this blog gets 444 unique visitors a day. That is over 11,000 in September so far. I figure between my connections on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter I am reaching a lot of folks that might know someone who would be the right person to help me.

I run a real estate business and need help with the administrative side of things. Someone to handle paperwork, incoming calls, calendar and email. A person that can handle my database of relationships with great care and someone who can help keep me on track doing what I do best instead of doing all the things that take me away from my One Thing.

One example of someone I have hired that is a huge help to me is Roberto. He runs All Season Lawn Service in Sugar Hill, GA. I hired his company to come and cut the grass. I used to have boys at home that could do that but they have moved away. My confession in all this is I hate cutting grass. It takes me 3 hours to do it every time I finally give in and when I get done it can look good but All Season makes it look the best it can.

They come in once a week, usually on Monday and in about 30 minutes or less they are done. Three guys attack the lawn, do the edging, pull a few weeds and trim things up when needed. Front and back in about 30 minutes, start to finish and it looks great.

Now I pay them by the month and some would say it’s expensive for the 2 hours or so they put in but for me I count the hours they save me. They give me back somewhere between 12-15 hours every month AND my yard looks great. That is a deal!!

So I am looking for someone right now to do that in my real estate business. I am going to start with about 10 hours week, someone local but who can work virtually (think, work from home) but can meet me when needed to hand off things that can’t be done online.

If you know someone or want to apply for this job, you can email to me. I want your resume’ in pdf format and you can send it to jerry at RealtyCaffeine dot com. (yeah, I’m trying to keep the robots from getting my email). There are robots everywhere on the internet.

Just to be clear, I am not looking for an employee. Employees come in late, leave early and steal while on the job. I am looking for a partner who can help this business flourish. We’ll talk about compensation to the right person and I promise it will be something good.

I look forward to seeing what comes in.

This is going to be fun!

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell


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