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This clip reminds me why I live in the South. (disclaimer, no banjos were injured in the making of this video)

Hanging on my office wall is a sign that says ‘I wasn’t born in the South but I got here as quick as I could’. That is the truth. I really don’t even want to see snow from a distance but I certainly don’t want to shovel it ever again.

I used to live in Indiana and while not as dramatic as 5 feet of snow in Buffalo we got more than our share. I had won a trip to Chicago to go to the museum of Science and Industry and we were headed back on a bus. Back to my job and school in Indianapolis. It was snowing. Hard. When I got back to school my car was buried past the roof. I had to drive home which was about 45 minutes on a good day and I was grateful to find the note stuck to my window under the snow. It said, ‘you can stay at my place’ and was from my boss.

I made it to his house about 2am and crashed on the couch. When the sun came up it revealed all sorts of stupid.

My boss, Jim said we needed to get back to the school to check on the building. Classes were cancelled but we had to make sure everything was ok (frozen pipes, etc.) so we piled into his Triumph TR6 and headed off.

Jim was from Manistee, Michigan so he was very comfortable in the snow.Our first stop was the parking lot to dig out his car. We decided to take his since it was smaller and easier to push if necessary (I drove a 1965 Grand Prix). Next we drove past folks digging out and stopped to help a few who were not prepared with shovels and jackets but one of the best was the lady sitting in her Cadillac trying to get up the hill of her driveway.

Her back tires were resting on the ice that had gathered in the gutter at the bottom of her drive way. The snow plows had been there so the street was almost clear but here she was spinning her tires at about 60 mph on the ice.

We stopped and I walked over, motioning her to roll the window down. I got ‘that look’. You know, the one that says ‘Great! What does he want?’. I said to her, ‘if you’ll go backwards a bit and then go forward, I think you can get up the driveway’. I smiled.

She replied ‘young man, if i wanted to go backwards, I would go backwards. I want to go forwards and she rolled up her power window as the tires returned to spinning. I just walked back to the car and got in. My boss looked at me funny and I explained that you can’t fix stupid.

I can go on and on about stupid in the snow. Some of it mine but most of it was from others. Just enjoy the video and be grateful you don’t live up there if you were smart enough to leave or lucky enough to be born elsewhere.

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  1. Mark Hinshaw

    I was born and raised in Ohio and can relate to people vs winter, especially the Ohio winter of 78. One morning I’m up and ready to leave the house only to find there was a 10 ft. snow drift covering my porch and front door as well the back door of my house. So I made my exit via the upper front bed room window sliding down my front porch roof a top that snow drift into the front yard….. that was fun!
    The night before I had parked my 65 Triumph TR4A on the street in front of my house, it too was covered up with a 5 ft drift. so I turned around and proceeded to dig out the front door of the house, went inside turned the heat up and said the hell with this!
    Come May of 1979 I left Ohio and went to Fla. and stayed for 18 yrs.


    Me vs winter.