My first time. Again.

There are lots of ‘first times’ that we get to experience. I have been to two house concerts with Art Bowman and now I have hosted one of my own. We had 22 people in the house and Jeff Black came to start us off.

I could not have asked for a better time.

The thing that strikes me most is that the music is closer, more vivid. It invokes images that you don’t get off a CD or streaming in the car. The music brings up memories that you didn’t expect. Like my memory of the Flying J truck stop. Check out Jeff playing one of my favorites.

I wish you could have been here. In the song Jeff talked about his sister. Well, his sister was in our house that night. Robbie lives close by and she came to see and hear her brother. The song is about them and their dad.

That Flying J truck stop was a place in Pittsboro, IN that my grandfather used to take me. It’s not there anymore but Jeff captures that place in his description of the smell of diesel and tobacco, oil, smoke, coffee, gasoline. He talked about cold coming in through the ‘wing’. Do you know what a wing is? It’s a little window that you can open to let in air without opening the roll down window. It reminded me of my dad’s 1954 Pontiac Star Chief and me riding in the back seat. Heavy coat to stay warm and that wind coming in through the wing.

Jeff was gracious and gave us a great concert. Food was brought by all and we had a perfect evening. Robbie got him to play a couple of songs for her at the end and gave me the courage to get in one more of my favorites before the night was over.

I learned a few things too. We can host about 40 people total. 35 or so will sit down and that leaves standing room for about 5. Even with lots of seats, there are some who will stand so we’ll plan for that. We can use a little more space for the food and that big recliner needs to be in the back of the room (or maybe in the garage). I learned the Bose sound system we used was awesome but maybe a smaller one would work just fine too. We’ll try that out next time.Things to tweak but we know how to do this now. We are planning the next one or two already.

I am talking to some more folks about coming in February or maybe the end of January so let me know if you want to be on the invite list. I have a short list of artists forming up and it looks to be a great time.

I can hardly wait.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
RealtyCaffeine House Concert Series

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