Tuesday Night Tunes – next 2 concerts are scheduled!!

We had a great time with Jeff Black last month and I said then I would be working to get more concerts on the schedule. Well, we have 2 more on the books.


















On January 31st we are hosting Kate and Corey. I got to hear them at Rico’s last weekend and it was great. Beautiful harmony and great guitar work. There will be more info coming but I wanted you to get this on the calendar. We have 40 seats open and they are going to put this on their website so email me if you want on the list.

After that we have Nate Currin coming on May 2nd and I got to hear him at the Crimson Moon in Dahlonega. One of the best story tellers I have heard so far and the music was really good. So good it brings tears to your eyes.

He wrote an album about Pilgrim’s Progress and this is from that. Check it out.

If you are not familiar with house concerts, it’s really simple. We open the house, do a pitch in dinner and music starts at 8am. Cost is going to be about $20 each and ALL the money goes to the artist. I have had a great mentor in all this and we are doing everything we can to do this right. I want it to be the best and so far the feedback as been great!!

We want you to come and enjoy with us as we open up the house to these great singer / songwriters. I am conflicted about what is best, the music or the stories. It’s really hard to choose so I guess I’ll just have to enjoy both.

As we get closer to the event I’ll send out official emails and have a waiting list but please, you guys are on this mailing list for a reason. You have supported us and our business and this is just a small way we can give back to you for all the help and support. I want you to come if you have time and interest in original music.

Send me an email back and I’ll put you on the list and hold a seat for you. These artists have a following locally so we will fill the house but you guys get first pick.

I am loving the house concert series and the way it is coming together. The anticipation is exciting and I can hardly wait to have these guys in the house. January will be here before you know it.

If you know folks that are great songwriters and someone you would like to see in person, email me with info and I’ll see what I can do. We have 2-3 more concerts we want to do for 2015 so let me know who you love and want to see up close.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell

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