Music Changes Lives – Tuesday Night Tunes on Wednesday

I wish I had seen this yesterday. It would have been up last night but it is so good I had to put it up today cause it can’t wait until next Tuesday!!

It is a perfect picture of how music changes lives. I have been listening more to music and the stories behind them and I love this one. How music moved a person from trading their soul for money to creating the music that is in their soul. It’s a video and I didn’t get to talk to Carlos so this is my interpretation but I gotta believe it’s possible.

I have heard stories about successful engineers and chemists who dump it all to go busk in the subways of New York because the music just had to come out.

Music is wonderful alone or with someone. It’s just wonderful. It appeals to the inner person and moves them into the outside world. It takes courage to make the move but if you don’t it leaves you in the dust. Pick up your guitar and take a chance. What do you have to lose?

Can you imagine our lives without music? What would it be like if Carlos Santana had never picked up a guitar? Follow your dream and do something that puts it all on the table. I’m all in, how about you?

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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