Thomas Claxton – Tuesday Night Tunes

Well, it was actually Monday night but I am just now getting this online. We went to hear Thomas play live and it was a great evening. You can see from the picture we were at the Hardrock Cafe Atlanta in their Velvet Underground venue.

You might remember that Monday night was the ice storm of 2015 and even in that weather Thomas has some faithful followers. That venue has about 120 seats, a full bar and some great food. Even the weather couldn’t keep us away.



Recently chosen by California-based rock publication, Rockwell UnScene Magazine, as their “2014 Best Male Vocalist”, Thomas Claxton, (who is from Savannah GA), is not one to miss. With over a decade of professional experience, Thomas performs over 300 shows per year from New York City and Boston to Savannah and Orlando. Singing always being his passion, he performs both solo or with his band, Thomas Claxton and The Myth and has also toured with a number of well-known performers such as, Chuck Negron (lead vocalist for Three Dog Night), and performed live with artists such as Nicko McBrain (drummer for Iron Maiden), and others.

If you’re looking for solid acoustic rock, this was the show for you. Having released two albums to date and soon to be working on his third, Thomas performs both his original songs and knows OVER 1,700 cover songs ranging from favorites such as Pink Floyd and Tom Petty to out-of-the-ordinary solo choices like Queen and RUSH.

We were treated to 3 hours of a mix of original song and some great cover music. I was privileged to spend some time with Thomas and his wife Giovanna as we were house guests of a friend in Lawrenceville. I am sorry I did not get to talk as much as I would have liked with the two of them but I am hopeful our paths will cross again. Who knows, maybe Thomas will come play a house concert with us when our hardwood floors are finally back together, but that is another story.

Enjoy the music and check out Thomas on youtube or on his website at and facebook

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell

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One thought on “Thomas Claxton – Tuesday Night Tunes

  1. Laura Monk

    No doubt you are a true blue music lover….venturing out in an Atlanta ice storm to support the singer-songwriter! Good for you…and thankfully the storm wasn’t too bad!!!