Tuesday Night Tunes – Josh Garrels

Thanks to NoiseTrade for showing another artist that I love. It’s been a dry spell and I have struggled with writing this feature on Tuesdays. This new find gives me hope and energy to keep looking. Josh Garrels has a beautiful voice and sings with purpose and passion at the same time.

The picture over to the left will make more sense when you get to the end of this article.

I found this guy on NoiseTrade as he gives his music away. He is about to launch a new album and I for one will be looking for it. I started playing some of his songs on Google Play yesterday (think Pandora but better) while I was working in the office.

I found it compelling. His stuff is just something that resonated with me. Check out the first one.

I did a little searching to find more about the artist that animated this song. I saw this first on youtube but then also on It is a cool piece and I love the message. Even cooler is the blog I found at Arian Armstrong’s blog. A wonderful story about restoring an old home to it original glory. I don’t know the connection yet between the two artists but I’m digging to see if I can find the story behind it. Gotta love stories.

This is a journey tonight. I don’t know anything about Josh. I just found him yesterday but I am layering my knowledge as I dig into the web of music I am finding. This one is about 5 years old and it shows a younger man but one who has the voice and the words that captured me yesterday. Listen and see if you agree.

This one has the same beat and back sounds as the one above but it’s different. I am not one to find rap all that interesting as music (it’s not music, it’s poetry) but this one captured me. Check it out.

This song is from an album I found is a part of a video he did in a really short time. I’ll be buying this and watching it once I get back into my house. (yes, we’re still refinishing hardwood floors from some water damage but the end is in sight).

Last one tonight. The picture at the top is of the sea. The sea between love and war. I hope someone listens to all of this. I normally don’t put so many clips up but I just kept finding things that made me sit and listen. I am sure there is more to Josh Garrels than these few songs and I hope someday to meet this man and maybe he’ll even come do a house concert with us some Saturday night. He’s been in Atlanta before and I can’t imagine a better evening that spending it with him getting the stories behind this music.

It’s late and I’m done. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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