How stupid are you?

I am cutting the cable. It’s a long story but the short version is that we have terminated our connection to DirecTV. I have been paying them over $100 per month for about 4 years now and I feel stupid. Do you realize that is almost $5000 over the 48 months I have been paying full price.

Full price as compared to what they will charge a new customer and it seems to be what they will charge someone who decides to leave. I have had multiple offer to sign up again at $19.99 and today I get an email offering me $200 to change my mind.

Are you kidding me?

Seth Godin wrote about it the other day and it just resonates with me (see no. 3 on the list). I have found alternatives to almost everything I bought from DirecTV so, no, I won’t be changing my mind. I am gone, out of here, My relationship has joined the choir invisible.

I’ll be writing more about our adventure with cutting the cord but for now know I am the proud owner of a new antenna, a Roku and a ChromeCast Stick. Been looking at DVR solutions and will be happy to coach anyone looking to cut the cord as we move through this process.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson”
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