It’s Monday

I have been working this morning while I await the Muse. Her visit seems to be delayed so I am going to start anyway. My hope is she will drop by and bless me with a thought or idea as I sit here and get to work.

I find that to be the case most days anyway. She does not usually wake me up with a thought but rather waits for me to get started and then she drops by.

People ask me why I write and I sometimes struggle with an answer for that. I know I write because I can. Some have told me I’m good at it but that has little to do with the why. I write to help me process, to think, the clarify my thoughts.

So, what am I thinking about right now?

It is strange to see the sun out today, is my first thought. It’s been raining for days and frankly I am a little tired of it all. At first, I liked it. I liked the sound of the rain on the roof, pattering on the sidewalk and driveway. I found it restful to be ‘trapped inside’ but as it dragged on it began to make me restless. Feeling the need to get out and do something but I didn’t want to get wet so I stayed in and the pressure built.

We did venture out on Saturday to the baseball game that Andrew (my grandson, 8 yr old) was scheduled to play in. The good news is he got two games in but the second was played some in the rain. Between games we got to eat lunch together and enjoy some down time and then it was a brief nap in the car (as it rained) waiting for the second game. Restlessness moved back in and I really wanted to be doing something but little was possible unless we wanted to get wet.

I am glad for the sun today. Just watching the shadows of the clouds moving over the yard makes me smile. Probably time for a walk a little later on today too but for now it’s good just to sit and enjoy the warm light instead of the cool drizzle and gloom. It is brightening even more as I sit here and I had to move the blinds to tame it down a bit. Couldn’t see my screen with all the light. Such a pleasant change.

So, the question I have in my head is about you. You’re reading this and thinking of something and I want to know what. How as the sun today helped you? What did you do during the last week of rain? This is not a rhetorical questions either. I really want to know.

This blog is for you too and I hope it helps you process, to think, to clarify as I do the same. I am going to end with a quote I found as I was cleaning out my inbox. It is appropriate as I prepare to teach a class tomorrow. One of the things I get to do is lead the class in affirmations and while I believe they are valuable to combating the negative voices in our heads, they can lead to a false sense of progress. Jim Rohn left us a legacy of encouragement and this is one jewel from him.

Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion. – Jim Rohn

I hope you have a great week and you get the important things on your list done.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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Photo by Eric.Ray