Satisfying Work

I found this video to go with the idea of Satisfying Work. The railroad is a symbol of the achievement that men and women used to celebrate. I think we have forgotten the rails sometime but they are still critical to our economy.

While the railroad is a celebration of big machines I think we see another symbol of work and big machines today.

I drove by a new subdivision being developed and I said ‘that work must be satisfying’. To see the reward so evident at the end of the day. Is your work like that? Most of mine is not.

There are days that we do things that show us the results in the moment. Days where we go to closing and I get to hand the keys to the new owner or I get to deliver the check to the seller so they can go buy that RV they have wanted to move into and tour the country. I get days like that but most of the ones where we plug away doing the statistical work or the pricing or the feedback and follow up on our showings.

The days where nothing seems to go right. The appraisal comes in low or the lender calls and says the buyer bought a new refrigerator for the new house on a 90 days same as cash deal and the credit score dropped too low to now buy the house. Those days.

But I continue to do this because it matters. It matters to people I help because it is about their homes and investments. It’s about family and friends and taking care of them in a complex transaction. The results may not always be in front of my face like a yard well mowed but when I get overwhelmed or frustrated or start to hear myself complain I just have to step back and look at the last ones I just helped. It reminds me that this work matters.

This is a people business and we have to do our best to help when needed. I want to hear about your job? How do you stay positive and focused on the right things? If you’re thinking about a change I can relate to that too. I used to be an engineer. I spent 25 years working as an electrical and software engineer but I always felt I was in the wrong job and I had to travel all the time so my wife was home raising our 3 boys alone.

There was a weekend in 2003 where I learned I was really supposed to be working with people instead of things so I acted on the prompt to go get my real estate license and now I help folks who need direction and advice on buying and selling their homes and investments instead of being stuck on the road doing a job I was not happy with.

If you can relate to that maybe we need to talk. Give me a call and we’ll get a time scheduled on the calendar.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

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