Late to the party

I am late to the party. I knew it was going on but didn’t come as soon as I could (or should) have. Music is something I have had in the background of life but recently it’s moved to the front and I am realizing the effect it can have on me.

I listen to a lot more music since I cut the TV cord. We’re not totally off TV but I don’t subscribe to cable or satellite any more. Since I can’t get to the news channels I used to be addicted to I also seem to be happier in my day to day life. I miss out on very little if it’s really important and the lower level stuff might take a day or two to get to me so I might not know the latest events in Iraq or what’s going on in Washington DC but I’ll get it eventually. Google News is my friend.

It didn’t stop with just TV either. I don’t listen to talk radio anymore. Too much spin and I don’t mean just to the left. Those guys are not trying to inform, they are trying to enrage. Seems to me they would rather make a point than make a difference just to get a reaction so I chose to listen to music now instead.

For this edition of Tuesday Night Tunes I thought I would share 3 of the top songs in my playlist. These are some that help me get started down the right path most days. The first is one that I have shared before.

Charlie Peacock – In the Light is a great psalm that he wrote. Watch the video for the back story as they play a great song about the King of Excuses.

Alexi Murdoch – Breathe is the top played song in my list. It’s a reminder that this life is in the here and now so don’t let it pass by as you try to keep your head above water. That can be a struggle for most of us in this pressure of the world.

Last one today is from Green River Ordinance – Lost in the World.

Susan and I are going to celebrate 35 years together this August and I think about the past more than I used to. Our boys are now men and it’s just the two of us most times. We laugh and reminisce about the boys as we see our grandson grow up and we go to ball games and see all the kids. It’s great fun!

My boys used to complain about how I always ‘took her side’ when there was a ‘discussion’ in the house. My response was always the same. ‘You’re going to leave someday and I am going to be left with her’.

Someday has come.

I will share more music but for now that’s enough.

This music thing has bitten me to the point I host concerts in the house and we’re getting ready for the next one. June 13th is the date and Nate Currin is coming to share song and story with us. If you want to come please let me know. We have 40 spots to fill and that’s it. I expect a full house!

Thanks for listening,



Photo by Moyan_Brenn

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