Tuesday Night Tunes

I have two different artists to check out. Don’t miss out on the second one because it is something special coming to our house soon!! The picture here will make more sense when you get to the bottom of the article. This is a picture of Cadair Idris. It’s the birth place of madmen and poets.

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The first is a find from today. The Temperance Movement is a British Invasion sound that I liked the first time I heard it.

Check it out.

The post from NoiseTrade says “A potent force in British rock music has arrived,’ proclaimed MOJO in their 4-STAR review, and well, yes they have. The Temperance Movement (Fantasy/Concord) are driven by the gritty, soulful vocals of Phil Campbell, the mastery of guitarists Paul Sayer and Luke Potashnick and a powerhouse of a rhythm section delivered by Nick Fyffe on bass and Damon Wilson on drums. Electrifying fans of timeless, British-invasion song craft and superb musicianship, The Temperance Movement deftly fuse inspirations such as The Stones, Faces, Little Feat, Bobby Womack and acknowledged catalysts The Black Crowes, into their own authentic blast of blues n soul drenched rock n roll. Welcome to The Temperance Movement.”

They have a new EP you can download for free from NoiseTrade. You can sample the songs here and go download from NoiseTrade for free. Register and leave the guys a tip. The artist is worth his work!! Support them if you like it.



Nate Currin

I am also going to feature Nate Currin in the post. He is coming to sing at the house (MY HOUSE!) on June 13th. Save the date cards went out last week and invitations are soon to follow. We’ll be updating his page on the blog soon so you can make reservations online. Seating is really limited to 40 and I can’t make any more room so get in early when the ticket window opens!!

I heard Nate and his band at the Crimson Moon a few months ago and we talked about him coming to do our next concert. Long story short, he said yes and we have him scheduled.

I really want you to come. We want a full house for this talented singer, songwriter, story teller. I promise you won’t be disappointed in the evening with Nate.

He is working on a new album and it is possible for you to get involved directly. Here is a clip from his Kickstarter Campaign. I love Kickstarter because it reaches out to the fans and includes them in the process. It is a beautiful thing to hear him tell the story of Cadair Idris and his hike up the mountain and the night he spent there.

Here is a video of his campaign so you can see what he has to say about it for yourself.

It’s not too late to get in the kickstarter but you have to hurry. It ends tomorrow. He is fully funded and it is going to happen but even if you miss getting into the campaign, come to the house on the 13th. It is going to be a beautiful evening to share with us.

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Photo by Kez Price

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One thought on “Tuesday Night Tunes

  1. Jerry Robertson Post author

    The Kickstarter campaign is over and they got it funded plus some!! Congrats to Nate and I am really looking forward to seeing him here on the 13th of June.