You don’t get it.

We just hosted our 3rd house concert at RealtyCaffeine House Concert Series and that was the message I got this time as I prepared and talked to folks we invited. You don’t get it until you get here.

We have hosted 3 events and attended 3 others with Bowman House Concert Series and every time I have said ‘that was the best yet’ but as I reflect on it I don’t think that’s right.

Each concert was a wonderful experience and each was unique but I don’t think of any of them as ‘best’ any more. They are all just great. Each artist is different, each one has new stories to share and each one has a unique perspective to show us how life looks from behind their eyes. Music is a great tool to use in sharing that perspective. It will make you laugh or cry or contemplate the emotions shared in this intimate setting. There is nothing like it anywhere else. A house concert is special.

One of the things I heard as I talked to people is ‘Who’s playing?, Do I know them?’ and the answer is likely ‘No’ but it doesn’t matter. Everyone who attended this time did not know Nate and at the end of the night they knew him a little better and they all said ‘That was awesome!!’.

They ALL loved it.

Nate told beautiful stories about a girl in a gas station, about climbing a mountain in Wales, getting stuck on the mountain in Wales by a fast moving fog and about spending the night in a stone hut at the top of the mountain. He told about an old boss that thought he was crazy to follow his dream but later was blessed to hear that same person praise him and his success.

The stories are separated by the songs and I have to say it was a perfect evening. Here’s one of the songs he shared.

I wish you could have been here because once you get here you will want to come back. To be a regular. My goal is to host 3-4 of these a year. We’re done for the summer but I am thinking about September as the perfect time for the next one. I’m working on that now. I don’t know who it will be yet but really, it doesn’t matter.

You don’t get it until you get here so please …. get here for the next one.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson

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