Google Fi – so far

I got my new Nexus 6 a week ago and set up the Google Fi account as soon as I could after that. Short story, it was painless and quick. My old Sprint number transferred in about 30 minutes without a glitch.

I even got a couple of gifts from Google for signing up. They sent me a case, a portable battery charger (it can recharge the phone about twice) and a special headset that allows someone to plug in with me to share my music. Pretty cool if you ask me.

My new phone switches between the LTE connections on Tmobile / Sprint and WiFi seamlessly and so far I have not dropped a call. I also get to use Hangouts on my computer to make calls and that is convenient for me when I am working at my computer.

I still have my Google Voice account. It handles my out-going messages and records, transcribes and emails my voice mails to the email address I used to set up my Fi account. I thought Google Voice was gone at first but found it after a search and direction to look for the Google Voice link at the bottom of my Google Fi page. It still works like it used to but it’s not as easy to get to. I’ve noticed the link I saved in my bookmarks will take me there if I happen to be logged in to Fi at the time.

I have been able to hotspot my phone and use the data allowance I pay for already and it doesn’t cost me extra. That alone saved me $20 in my old Sprint account. Granted I now have to pay per Gig for my data but at $10 each I suspect I am going to be just fine. No punishment for going over (it’s $10 per Gig) and if I go under they prorate the difference back on my next bill. My historical usage was about 3 Gig a month so my phone bill should be around $50 plus taxes, at least that is what I signed up for. We’ll see.

Texting works well too. Google suggests you use Messenger to text and I do. I also use an app called Mighty Text from the app store that allows me to sync text between my phone and my computer. That works just fine too. I can text from either device and see all the texts on either device. The texts actually go out via the phone but I can type them on my computer too.

Over all the experience has been good, the phone is great and the service is working well. No complaints.

Stay tuned and I’ll do another update in about a month.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell (Fi)

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One thought on “Google Fi – so far

  1. Bill

    I’ve been watching and reading about Google FI. It’s a great concept. Im glad to know an early adopter. Looking forward to the updates!!