What would you do for $1?

Our agents at Keller Williams in Des Moines helped lots of buyers get the house they wanted and all they got paid was $1. It’s not enough to run a business and certainly not enough to get food with your meals but it is what those agents did in the face of adversity.

It all came about because a competing brokerage in Des Moines didn’t want KW to be in their market and their solution was to only pay $1 in commission to the buyers agents if they were part of KW.

This video tells what we as a company did to make it possible for the agents to continue to do the right thing and show their clients all the listed homes regardless of the amount they would be paid.

This is just one reason I love working at KW and I will be here as long as the Values are God, Family and then Business. We truly do try to do the right thing.

If you have ever thought about getting in to real estate as a business please contact me. There is a class starting up on the 25th of August.

Thanks for listening

Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell

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