House Concert on Sept 26th with Nate Currin

We want you to come. Nate is doing an encore concert and he is bringing some new music and stories. He is just back from Nashville where he put together a brand new album.

Some will ask “Who is Nate Currin?” and I can answer that to some degree. He is a singer, songwriter, talented story teller and becoming a friend. Love having him in the house. I know many of you have not heard of him and you may think you don’t want to take a chance on ‘wasting’ an evening but I will tell you it would never be wasted.

A house concert is a very different experience and one to try before you dismiss it. Intimate, quiet, laughter, singing, stories are all words to describe the event.

If you want to come please check out our reservation page and come join us. Reservations are a must as I only have 40 places for the night and some of them are already gone.

Here is a taste of the night in a video that Nate did about a past album.

And a cut from the new album.

Just watching him talk and hearing the guitar makes me smile. Please come join us for a great evening. It ‘s the 26th of September and we’ll start dinner at 7pm. Music at 8 and out by 11pm. Not a late evening but one you’re remember for a long time.

Call me if you have questions.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell

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