I didn’t come to hear ‘cover music’

I love singer / songwriters. Original music is the heart and soul of someone and when they share it with us we are blessed. I love the stories behind the songs. I’m not sure which I love more. Sometimes it’s the story but the song is always better if we get to hear the inspiration behind it.

As a writer I know that my best work comes from someplace outside of me. As I sit looking for the next word I am sometimes blessed with a thought or idea that I have to pursue. It stretches me and makes me work harder but I see it as a gift. Some say it comes from The Muse and that resonates with how it seems to happen to me.

If I sit down and start working I feel like The Muse sometimes comes along, sees me working and throws me something to expand my thinking. Something I can build on. I think the best songs come that way too.

I got to hear someone a few days ago who seems to have an intimate relationship with a muse. His name is Richard Leigh. I’m praying the muse comes by and helps me with this because I don’t think I can tell this one on my own.

I went to a Bowman House Concert Series performance with Richard. It was outside on the deck and the weather could not have been better. Art Bowman hosts these things with his wife Nancy and they do about 6 events a year. They can hold about 45 inside if the weather is cold or wet but outside they can handle few more on the deck and in the yard. I’ve always enjoyed being there inside or out.

I met some newbies to the house concert idea who came because they love Richard. They were fascinated with the idea and I have to say it’s what got me going on my own concert series. (we’re hosting one on Saturday, but more on that later).

As Richard started the evening we were treated to lots of stories. I won’t try to tell them here because I can’t do them justice but know it was maybe the best part of the night. If you checked on Richard’s list of songs he has done hundreds of them, sold millions of records and many were taken to the top of the charts by folks like Crystal Gayle, Billy Dean and Reba McEntire.

One line that captured me and I have to share was “I’m as stubborn as a music box; I’ll never change my tune.” I know folks like this and sometimes it’s commendable. Sometimes it’s not.

Another brief story he told was about doing a show and singing the songs he wrote. At one of the breaks, a lady came up and seemed a bit aggravated. She said ” I didn’t come here to listen to ‘cover music‘, not realizing that Richard was singing his stuff. She had never heard of him and perhaps you haven’t either but I know you’ve heard his songs.

Here is a taste of his story telling and one of his songs.

So now you know that is not a cover song from Reba McEntire but is instead an original one from Richard Leigh. You can find more of him music on all the streaming channels. I use Google Music and he has lots up there. He has lots of stuff on YouTube too.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes today and search him out.

As I mentioned above, we are hosting a concert on Saturday, 26th of September and still have seats open if you want to come. The artist is Nate Currin and it’s his second time to our house. Check out this link for more info. Hope to see you here.

Thanks for listening,

Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell

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