Death is Nothing at All

Imagine a child at the end of a wonderful day at the amusement park when it is time to go home. The kid doesn’t want to leave and he starts complaining to his Dad that he wants to ride more rides and play more games. He doesn’t want the day to end. He doesn’t want things to change so he complains to his father.




Now, imagine that same child at the end of a wonderful day at the amusement park, but this time the he is filled with excitement and joy. All the way home with his Dad, he celebrates and relives how much fun they had on the roller coaster, the water ride, and the silly games.

Together they enjoy what had just occurred without lamenting that the day could not go on indefinitely.

We are all going to die. It will always be too soon because it is not the way God designed us but it is the way it is.

We can either celebrate what we have or we can complain it was not enough.

God made a way to redeem us and give us what He planned. For those who accept what God offers, Death is Nothing at All.



Our days do not go on indefinitely in this life but they do go on in eternity. Our time in this ‘park’ must end but we get to go home with our Father who loves us. Many say they don’t believe but most would agree there is something greater than us.

We’re not sure what it is so we struggle with religions to try and find answers. Religion is not the answer. Religion is the effort of man to reach God.

True Christianity is God reaching out to Man and offering us a gift. God did that through Jesus and I believe He is the only way.  Everyone is eligible to receive this gift. It is not exclusive to a few.

We can talk more about that if you like. Call me and we do it.

My friend Mark Beaty died this week. He died of the effects of ALS. We will miss him while we are waiting for our turn and those of us who have accepted Jesus as our Savior will see him again. I am anxious to do that but while I am still in the ‘park’ I will enjoy what I have here. My family, friends and those I get to meet and help along the way.

Sometimes is feels like we are waiting in line for our next turn at the roller coaster and we get bored or our feet hurt. We get discouraged because of the trash we see or some perceived problem that is really nothing at all. To live is truly a journey, not a destination and we get to choose how we respond to the things that happen along the way.

I will be grateful and look for the good while I wait my turn at the excitement in the park but truly I am longing to see those who have gone home with Dad too.

Thanks for listening.

Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell



I borrowed the amusement park idea from Storyline as it was the inspiration for this article. Just want to give credit where credit belongs.

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