Do you want to live your dream?

Your dream is possible. You have to recognize your dream is possible. You may not be able to do it today but if you acknowledge that it is possible, you will be motivated to grow into the person who can do it.

It’s been a rough week. The weather in Atlanta has been more like Seattle but that will change. I have had some setbacks in business but that will change. I have had some friends get sick but that will change. The truth is I get to determine my attitude and how I respond to the things that happened last week.

I choose to find the good, to seek out the positive and to smile. Not a fake smile but a real one that shows the truth of my response. I hope you find that smile for yourself this week.

Here is another installment from Les Brown. I suspect you’ll see a lot of him here for a while. He speaks to me in how he thinks, how he delivers the message.

Check this one out…

If you have ones that speak to you please share them with me. I’ll post them and we’ll all gain from the experience.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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Photo by symphony of love

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