Keep Digging

What are you digging for? A couple of years ago I was working in Atlanta. I had a project to go look at houses for a “not for profit” rehab company to see if the addresses they sent me were worth the time and money to fix up and flip.

In the course of 6 months I looked at over 150 houses and we rejected most of them. In fact we purchased only 5 to fix up and sell. Not great odds but the ones we bought were very successful and it as good work.

During the course of my work I met some interesting folks. One day as I pulled up to the next house on my list I saw two men in orange vests. They appeared to be utility workers and I didn’t pay much attention until one of them approached me with a question.

I looked closer and found they were not utility workers at all but just a couple of guys with metal detectors. As we talked about what they were doing, one of them pushed something into my hand and asked me if I knew what it was.

This is a picture of it.


“It’s a minnie ball”, I said. He nodded his head and said ‘close, but this is special’. He went on to explain it’s a Williams cleaner and was used by the North during the war. He had dug it up just a few minutes ago. As I handed it back to him he refused and said for me to keep it. He made sure I knew what it was and we shared that moment together. I wrote about it a while back but was reminded of it this morning as I listened to Les talk about digging.

There is treasure in the work we pursue. There are hidden things in us and the work brings it out. It’s not always what we were looking for but it’s a treasure none the less.

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I don’t know what you’re working on but keep in mind that it will uncover a treasure if you keep digging. It may not be what you thought but it will be worth the work if you persist.

Some of the best things I found where not what I expected. As we move into Thanksgiving make sure to take some time and just be thankful for the treasures in your life and spend a minute to recall how you found them.

A chance conversation that turned into a relationship.

A quiet thanks from someone you helped. Appreciation is a treasure all by itself.

Tell someone who has helped you that you appreciate what they did and who they are to you.

Most of all, keep digging. If you need a word of encouragement, call me. I am never too busy to talk about something important to you.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578  Cell

Photo by jeffmikels

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