I hate my job…









Gotta love Zig. It’s all about perspective.



As we head toward Thanksgiving I hope you find time to turn down the volume. Our businesses can be really loud and busy and if we don’t intentionally find the moments that matter we’ll miss them.

Having your head down texting while your family is together? I would encourage you to turn off your phone and leave it in the car. Enjoy dinner without the constant interruptions by your phone with news updates, emails wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and all the other ‘updates’ we get via those wonderfully engineered tools.

Just be. Be grateful. Be present. Just be. I pray you all have a great time this Thanksgiving.

God Bless!!

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell (but it won’t be on Thursday 🙂 )

Photo by sinclair.sharon28

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