What do you want?

It’s quiet here. I can hear the computer humming, the ringing in my ears and that squirrel. In case you don’t know what a squirrel sounds like, check out the short video.

I don’t know what this guy wants but he is certainly insistent about asking for it. All that noise makes him seem bigger than he is.

What do you want? Have you told anyone? We get where we are by our own efforts to be sure but we can’t do it on our own. We need help. Sometimes the help comes from your boss.

I had a boss that taught me how to write a letter. Back in the day we had a secretary and we drafted letters by hand or dictated them and she would type them up. My boss would review my letters and mark them in red ink for the things he wanted changed. I am sure he could have done it himself faster but he was teaching me how to do it. I remember the day when my draft letter came back with no ‘red’ on it. It was a good day for a young engineer.

So, what do you want? Are you asking for it like the squirrel? Squawking a bit? Being insistent or are you just sitting there hoping something happens? Who is willing to teach you if you would just ask? Even if they can do it better themselves, they may be willing to teach you if you want them to. It would be to their benefit if you are willing to help them in exchange for learning.

Be sure you’re asking for help and not just someone to do something for you. We are each obligated to carry our own load but sometimes what we have to carry is a burden. Do you know the difference?

Our load or share is not something too big for us alone. It’s ours to carry. A burden is too big. We need help with that one. It’s likely not a permanent situation but one that we have to work though. Maybe it’s a path to increase our capacity so we can carry more of a load but for now it’s too much.

Our office at KW is like that. We all carry our own loads but when we need help it’s OK to ask. We encourage it. Our company is structured so when we help each other we all win. I see it as an interdependent relationship.

Open book, profit sharing companies are like that. They are just better. Some local examples are QT gas stations and Publix groceries. Both are profit sharing companies and they are nicer in a lot of ways than their competitors. Cleaner, friendlier and efficient. The employees have a stake in the profits and they know it. It’s more than a paycheck for them. KW shares a lot of that in our design. It’s built in.

If you have ever thought about getting into real estate we have a pre-license class starting up in January and a career night at the office next Monday so you can find out more info.

If you want to come please let me know and I’ll be there too. I am happy to help. Just ask.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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Photo by andjohan