Have you ever been arrested?

Have you ever been arrested? I haven’t but I can imagine what it’s like. I’ve seen folks very close to me ‘hooked up’ in handcuffs. Freedom restricted, movements restrained, thoughts racing as they were led to the back seat of the police car. It was awful.

Our pastor today talked about being arrested as a kid. Young man actually, arrested for shop lifting. Retrained by Walmart security and ultimately turned over to the police as his mom followed him in the police car to the jail.

It’s a helpless feeling but eventually it teaches a lesson, freedom is restored and we get to make our own choices again. Hopefully we learned a lesson and the ‘tuition’ paid was worth it. Sometimes it takes more than once but if we are paying attention we learn.

I love this song below because it talks about something being arrested and from it comes freedom. The back story is the lyrics came from a walk in a cemetery. The grave markers have inscriptions on them and one listed the name, dates and the pharase “Arrested by Death”.

It got the songwriter to thinking about our relationship to God. To Jesus, His Son and how we are released from Death by Jesus sacrifice. At that moment we accept Him as our Savior, Death is arrested. No longer holding power over us. We will still die but it is not the end.

We forget that because we are faced with death daily. I have lost several friends and those who have influenced my life recently and as I approach the next few years I am certain there will be more to face. We are all getting older and I am excited to know my ‘end’ in this life is not ‘The End’ for me.

Check out the song and lyrics below.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson – 678-231-1578 cell

Alone in my sorrow dead in my sin
Lost without hope with no place to begin
Your love Made a way to let mercy come in
When death was arrested and my life began

Ash was redeemed only beauty remains
My orphan heart was given a name
My mourning grew quiet my feet rose to dance
When death was arrested and my life began

Oh your grace so free
Washes over me
You have made me new
Now life begins with you
It’s your endless love
Pouring down on us
You have made us new
Now life begins with you

Released from my chains I’m a prisoner no more
My shame was a ransom he faithfully bore
He cancelled my debt and he called me his friend
When death was arrested and my life began

Our savior displayed on a criminal’s cross
Darkness rejoiced as though heaven had lost
But then Jesus arose with our freedom in hand
That’s when death was arrested and my life began
That’s when death was arrested and my life began

Oh we’re free free
Forever we’re free
Come join the song
Of all the redeemed

Yes we’re free free
Forever amen
When death was arrested
and my life began

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