Santana – Tuesday Night Tunes


I am frustrated a bit. I found this in a google now feed that was pushed to my phone and can’t find a place to download it yet. I remember being in a record store and not finding what I’m looking for. This feels like that. 

That link will take you to a google search, show you the playlist of Santana’s newest album called Diamonds are Forever, released on 22 May 2017. It will even let you stream the tracks but I can’t seem to find it in Google Music or anywhere else. I guess I have to wait for it to show up somewhere.

If you find it, will you please comment here and help me?

In the meantime, I found a few vids I wanted to share. Carlos Santana has been around my whole life. I’ve listened to his music and love the sounds for as long as I can remember listening to music. 

No, I was not at Woodstock but I wanted to be. I was not quite old enough and finding my way to Woodstock from Boone Co. Indiana was beyond me but I have loved the music that came out of there and that time. 

Last one, in a dance down memory lane. 

I been reading a book by John Powell called Why You Love Music. It’s pretty cool to read about how we process music, why we like what we do and how to expand our library of what we like. Maybe it will help with these articles once I finish the book.

Hope you enjoy and have a great week. If I can do anything for you please give me a call. I’ll do all I can to help. I mean it.

Thanks for listening,
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Photo by Man Alive!