Best Coffee Ever

I’ve been watching Pacific on Amazon Prime and found this clip. If you know me you know my love of coffee. Not just for the caffeine but for the relationships that can happen over a cup. 

Check it out..

RealtyCaffeine is not a coincidence. I have traveled a lot and found the coffee is unique to us in the portion size and how it’s served. In most other places in the world it’s a small cup and consumed fairly quickly. Here it’s almost a time machine. 

We get 15 minutes or so to talk over a cup and I love that. We do it at the church I attend (we brew 200 gallons every Sunday) and I love seeing the one on one time it creates. 

So when I saw this clip it got me to thinking about the best cup of coffee I ever had. I have a hard time pinning that title on just one cup but I remember sitting at my Aunt Myrna’s house drinking cup after cup at her counter. Conversations and relationships are built out of that. Sleep? Not so much 🙂

So, what was your best coffee ever? I’d love to meet up and see if we can find a good cup around here. Give me a call and we’ll get it on the calendar.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson 
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