Tax Assessments Are Out

Gwinnett County just sent out the proposed assessments for 2019 and they are going up for just about everyone based on the current market. Home owners usually want to see the value of their property increase except at tax time.

While we have enjoyed a great appreciation over the last few months the market is slowing a bit. Values are still increasing but not at the same rate they were.

Tax assessors will use property values sort of the way an appraiser does but perhaps not to the same details so sometimes the values go up faster than they should. I’m not an appraiser but I do look at the details closely and am happy to provide a Comparative Market Analysis that might save you a bit on your tax bill. You can use it to file an appeal but don’t wait too long. You only have 45 days to do it.

Feel free to connect and let me know what I can do to help.

My business is almost 100% referral and that means I don’t spend most of my day like a lot of agents do, making cold calls or knocking on doors looking for the next deal.

My past clients, friends and other connections refer business to me so I have more time to help when you need something. When you hear someone talk about needing help in real estate, just call me and introduce us. I’m happy to help them too.

Past client or not, if you need help with getting your assessment appealed, I’m happy to help. Call me.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
678-231-1578 Cell