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Josh Garrels – Farther Along – Tuesday Night Tunes

I might have a new one. My most played song on my playlist is Breathe by Alexi Murdoch but this one has been played more than once a day and multiple times in a row. The line that gets me is “We’re all cast-aways in need of rope”.  Aren’t we though? We’d like to think […]

Santana – Tuesday Night Tunes

  I am frustrated a bit. I found this in a google now feed that was pushed to my phone and can’t find a place to download it yet. I remember being in a record store and not finding what I’m looking for. This feels like that.  That link will take you to a google […]

Tuesday Night Tunes – Alexi Murdoch

  “Play it again Sam.” How many times have we said that and thought it was something from a movie. It’s not. What he said was “Play it”.  I got to thinking about this as I played what must be my favorite song. I checked and I have played this song 357 times on my google play […]

Shane Henry – Tuesday Night Tunes

I look forward to finding new music. The good news is you usually find what you’re looking for if you don’t give up. Glad I found Shane Henry today. Music speaks to us on an emotional level. It can change your mood in a moment.  I’m not a musician but as a recovering engineer I […]