Referral Directory

It’s really hard to get into my referral directory.

It’s really easy to get out.

My expectation is the people you meet via my referral directory are trustworthy. I define that to say they won’t be perfect but if there is a problem, I expect to hear about it from them before I hear about from you and I expect to hear how they intend to ‘make it right’.

Please give me a call if there is ever a problem with anyone you find on this list. As I said at the top, it’s hard to get into this directory but it’s really easy to get out.

There are 3 groups here for you to work with. First is one called Our Town. Search for that tag and you’ll find folks I personally recommend and have worked with in the past. Second is KWNGpreferred. These folks are listed in our vendor directory at my Keller Williams North Gwinnett office. They are people I refer out but I’ve not worked with them directly. Last are folks I’ve connect to, been referred to me by other agents or clients.

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