What’s with the El Camino?

It’s sort of a long story but briefly, this is my daily driver. A friend of mine (Mike Wheatley of Wheatley’s Garage) sold it to me in 2008. It was a mafia deal so I couldn’t refuse. It has been a labor of love to say the least and we’ve done a lot with it.

I love classic cars and this is one I plan to keep for a while. It’s been repainted (Cadillac Escalade White), recently had the engine rebuilt (went from 190hp to about 330hp) and other things too numerous to list.

It’s been on a calendar for the El Camino Owners Group (month of May 2014) and turns heads and gets thumbs up where ever I go (especially Winder, GA).

There are no signs on the doors or bumper stickers save one. It says “If I passed you on the right you’re in the wrong lane”. Just saying. If you see me driving around town just wave. Honking the horn might be misunderstood 🙂

If you have a classic to show off, give me a call. We’ll take pics and get it up on the blog. Call it a virtual car show.

Thanks for listening,
Jerry Robertson
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