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Best Coffee Ever

I’ve been watching Pacific on Amazon Prime and found this clip. If you know me you know my love of coffee. Not just for the caffeine but for the relationships that can happen over a cup.  Check it out.. RealtyCaffeine is not a coincidence. I have traveled a lot and found the coffee is unique […]

You don’t know as much as you used to

That may be the most profound thing I’ve heard all week. One of our pastors delivered that line yesterday in a sermon on maturity. He asked his life long friend to tell how he had observed his growth and the answer was “That’s easy, you don’t know as much as you used to. You always […]

Memorial Day

As I reflect on Memorial Day I am taken back to a time when I was 17. 1973. My selective service number was 9. I was trying to decide what part of the military to serve in because I figured with a number that low I was going.  As it turned out I didn’t have […]

Relationships – Monday Motivation

  Happy Monday!! I love Monday in this business. Weekends are great and I really enjoy them but Monday is full of hope and potential. I get to meet new folks, help them meet their goals and it is a lot more satisfying than what I used to do. Even getting through 200 new emails […]